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6 Unusual Vehicle Sounds & What They Could Mean

Most of us know what sounds are normal and what sounds aren't for our vehicles. If anything sounds off with our cars, like ticking or rattling, it may be a warning sign that something is wrong. Here are six common car warning sounds and what they indicate: 



  • Small cracks or breaks in hoses can cause a whistling sound when you hear the air escape.
  • In some cases, whistling can result from a broken seal in the radiator pressure cap as hot air is seeping out. 


  • A ticking or clicking coming from your engine could mean there's a lack of lubrication. You should check your oil levels and examine your vehicle for leaks.  

Loud Turning

  • If you hear screech noises, but only when turning, it could mean you have a problem with your wheels/tires. While the issue could be a quick fix like tire pressure, it can also be as complicated as a worn wheel bearing or incorrect wheel balance.

Noisy Brakes

  • If you hear a loud cry coming from your brakes when braking, you should have your car checked immediately. Your brake pads may have worn out, or there's some brake trouble at hand.

Clunks and Clangs

  • If your vehicle runs rough when going over a speed bump, there's no question that you need suspension repair. You might also feel more shock or impact from the road bump than normal.


  • If your vehicle sounds like a race car when you accelerate, you probably have a leak or crack in your muffler. Although holes in your muffler are not damaging to your vehicle's overall performance, they are dangerous since they may allow hazardous fumes to leak into the cabin.

If your vehicle is making any unusual sounds, you can look to the professional team at Prospect Lake Auto Care in Victoria, BC, for help. You can give us a call at (778) 401-3450 or visit our shop today!

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