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Does Driving Give You Anxiety?

Does Driving Give You Anxiety?

For many drivers, especially newbies, driving can be a stressful activity. The road can be a scary place, with high traffic, construction zones, and aggressive drivers. Knowing how to manage the anxiety around driving can help you avoid danger on the road. Read on to learn how to cope with certain driving scenarios: Scenario 1: Road Work Ahead When you see the infamous orange signs or cones, you know that you’re in for it. It is important you proceed carefully as there are cones, rubble, and potholes everywhere. To avoid the surprise, you can check traffic patterns before going somewhere. Most apps, like Waze, have alerts that tell you where construction zones are active. Scenario 2: Merging During Rush House Getting on and off the highway can be difficult if you’re not used to it. The best thing you can do is remain calm and attentive during the merge. Always remember to make your best judgment and use your mirrors and signal. If you don’t feel comfortable, we su ... read more

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