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Is Your Car Safe to Drive in the Rain?

Is Your Car Safe to Drive in the Rain?

Bad, rainy weather can significantly reduce the safety and drivability of your vehicle. It is easy for cars to slip and slide on rainy surfaces as their tires struggle to grip the roads. To make sure your vehicle can handle driving through heavy rain, you should check off when it comes to your car.  Check the Tire Tread  Tires in BC must have a minimum tread depth of 3.5 millimeters to be legal. If the grooves on your tires are bare, your tires will have a hard time making contact with the road. In other words, the risk of hydroplaning increases. Inspect Brakes Over time, your brake pads, brake fluid, and other brake components can significantly wear down. A simple brake check at our auto repair shop can tell you what brake services you may need in the imminent future. Any unusual signs like squeaking noises or grinding sounds could mean that your brakes have issues. Study the Headlights Properly lit and aimed headlights are critical during the rainy season in Victoria ... read more

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