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Signs That You Need Major Engine Repair

Signs That You Need Major Engine Repair

As most people say, the engine is the heart of your car, SUV, or truck. But just like your heart, it can experience trouble later on in life. If you wouldn't disregard heart pains, why would you ignore engine problems? Also, if you don't treat your engine problem, it can spread and worsen. Engine repairs, rebuilds, or replacements are serious and costly. Here are some of the troubling symptoms that your engine may display: Metal Flakes in Motor Oil Next time you have your oil changed, please be sure to inspect the old oil. If you or your technician notices any metallic flakes in the oil, it could imply that there is too much friction occurring with your engine parts. Therefore, your engine parts should be inspected and repaired if necessary. Knocking Noise If you constantly hear a knocking sound under the hood, especially when you hike up your RPM, the engine bearings are likely at fault. The engine bearings are responsible for supporting other engine parts.  Burning ... read more

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