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Do I Need to Follow the 30/60/90 Maintenance?

No matter what type of vehicle you own, the manufacturer always has a set schedule of maintenance duties for you. This type of service is referred to as factory scheduled maintenance, or the 30/60/90K. These numbers are meaningful because the interval between each maintenance service is approximately 30,000 miles. Many people view this plan as optional, thinking their car is working fine. "Why would I need service if my car is running perfectly," right? Well - no, you need to follow the factory scheduled maintenance for multiple reasons. These services are put in place for the long-term health and condition of your car.

  • Your warranty may require it.  Most automobile manufacturers emphasize thismaintenance so much that not following the schedule could void your vehicle warranty.
  • It can prevent minor problems from becoming major problems later on. Regular inspections can help you recognize possible issues with your vehicle early on before it becomes severely impaired. Often, you can prevent your car from a major breakdown.
  • It can extend the life of your vehicle. Regular maintenance keeps your car running efficiently and effectively, which translates to extra miles over its lifetime.
  • It helps retain the resale value. If you decide to sell your vehicle later on in the road, you may have the opportunity to sell it above its market value if it is in good condition. 

What Does the 30/60/90K Include?

The primary step in 30/60/90K maintenance is to thoroughly inspect the car's major systems for signs of problems and wear and tear. Here are some of the additional services that may take place (if needed):

  • Replacing spark plugs
  • Replacing fuel, air, & oil filters
  • Inspecting, topping off, or replacing fluids
  • Tire rotation and pressure check
  • Oil change
  • Timing belt inspection
  • Brake servicing

Usually, the higher miles on the car, the more likely it will need systems repairs and parts replaced. For example, the timing belt is generally not changed until the 90k service. Be aware that the service might be a little more complicated later on in the vehicle's life.


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