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Tips on How to Save Money at The Pump

It seems that the price of gas these days is not dropping anytime soon. Gasoline is one of the biggest household expenses. While how much you drive impacts the expense, the vehicle and its mechanical components also play a factor. If you want to improve your fuel efficiency, read on to learn how you can get the most out of each drop.

  1. Monitor Tire Pressure - Underinflated tires can cause drag and cause your vehicle to consume more gasoline than intended. You should check them at least once a month and make any adjustments necessary to meet the pressure range set by the automaker.
  2. Stop Idling - You should avoid idling for long periods of time. In fact, idling for more than 10 seconds uses more fuel than restarting the car altogether.
  3. Lighten the Load - When you have stuff on your roof rack or heavy equipment in your trunk, it can cause your engine to work harder than it should. To ensure your vehicle runs efficiently, we recommend lightening the load. 
  4. Avoid Stop and Go - Constant stop-and-go traffic can take a heavier toll on your vehicle than consistent driving. If you heavily accelerate and brake too, it worsens your vehicle’s overall MPG. Try to accelerate and brake in moderation, and you can save up to 15 percent on fuel economy.
  5. Keep Up with Maintenance - Last but not least, keep your car tuned to ensure your vehicle is running at peak efficiency. You should follow your vehicle’s maintenance schedule and schedule routine check-ups to catch minor problems early on.

If you would like to improve your car’s fuel efficiency, get in touch with the local auto service specialists at Prospect Lake Auto Care.


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