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Tools I Need To Check My Tire Pressure

Do you know that checking your tire pressure is very easy and doesn't take a lot of time? All vehicle owners should know how to check their tire pressure.

Importance of having Properly Inflated Tires

Before you dismiss this and assume that having under-inflated tires is not a big deal, here are troubles you will not have to deal with due to under-inflated tires.

  • Tires wear out faster when they are under-inflated.
  • The right amount of pressure in your tires gives you easy control of your car.
  • Under-inflated tires can lead to accidents.

You need to check your tire pressure preferably when there is rising and dropping of temperatures because tires lose air during this period.

Checking your tires after every month will help you find damages on the tires.

Tools you need to Check Tire Pressure

Checking if your tire is properly inflated is easy. You don't need many complicated tools to check tire pressure.

All you need is a tirepressure gauge. The two types commonly used are the digital gauges that have an LCD display and dial gauges that have a clock like display. The digital gauge is more expensive but also more precise.

You can therefore pick a pressure gauge from your preference and your budget.

How to Check Tire Pressure.

Air expands and therefore check your tire pressure when it is cold. Follow these steps when checking tire pressure.

  • Wipe the dust and dirt off the valve stem.
  • You need to remove the end caps of the tires' air valves by unscrewing them.
  • Place the pressure gauge on the valve stem.
  • Take the reading on the gauge.

With those four simple steps, you now know your tire pressure.

To get the required tire pressure of your car's tires, check in the owner's manual. It may be printed on a sticker on the driver's door or on the inside of the fuel tank flap. Check your tire pressure regularly.

If you need tire repair or service, we invite you to bring your vehicle to Prospect Lake Auto Care in Victoria, BC today.

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