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Top Signs Your Vehicle Needs Brake Service

Although modern cars come with advanced safety features, the braking system remains among the most critical safety systems. Your brakes must be in pristine conditions for your and your loved ones' safety. Some of the most common warning signs that your brakes need service to be in top working condition include the following:

1. High-Pitched Squealing or Grinding Noises

When you apply your brakes, hearing such noises remain among the first signs of brake trouble. The screeching sound comes from a piece of metal that indicates worn-out brake pads. Have an expert check your vehicle to prevent further damage to the braking system.

2. Pulling

A vehicle with faulty brake pads often swerves right or left when applying the brakes. It indicates uneven wear on the brake pads. Pulling presents a control problem that can lead to a fatal accident.

3. Brake Pedal Becoming Soft

The brake pedal becomes soft when there exists a brake fluid leak or if there is air in the brake lines. Unfortunately, this issue can result from heavily worn-out brake pads. Have your braking system checked if the brake pedal is too soft or if it resides too close to the floor.

4. Odd Brake Pedal Vibrations

A warped rotor can cause a vibration or pulsate to the steering wheel, whole vehicle, or brake pedal as you slow the car. Warped brake rotors impact the car braking power due to the minimal smooth surface for the braking pads. Rotors become susceptible to warping when they become too old or thin.

5. Incredibly Insensitive or Sensitive Brakes

If you must push the pedal to the floor to engage, your braking system is faulty. Consider checking your brake pads, rotors, or brake fluid if your car jerks to a stop at the gentlest touch.

6. Brake Warning Light

The dashboard indicator will warn you whenever there is a problem with the brake system. The ABS indicator comes on the braking system sensor detects a problem.

The Bottom line

If you notice the signs of bad brakes and need brake service, we invite you to visit our auto shop or bring your vehicle to Prospect Lake Auto Care for reliable service today!

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