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When to Replace Your Shocks or Struts

Generally, our cars should drive smoothly on paved roads. And even when driving on rougher roads, you shouldn’t feel too much impact. When you notice your drives feeling rougher, you might wonder why. 


The vehicle’s suspension system, specifically the shocks and struts, is responsible for absorbing. road impacts to allow for smooth and safe rides. They also play a part in supporting your vehicle. Just like most other car components, your manufacturer has a recommended interval for their replacement. Most drivers require suspension repairs every 50,000 miles, give or take. If you are a frequent driver on dirt roads or other unpaved roads, you’ll find that the wear and tear takes its toll on your shocks and struts sooner. 


Just like your abs and back muscles that support your spine and keep you standing upright, your suspension serves a similar purpose. They ensure stability when your car moves at different speeds and directions. Whether you are braking, turning, or gunning it in your vehicle, you can always rely on your suspension to be doing work. 


How To Tell If Your Shocks or Struts Have Gone Bad

Some of the most telltale signs include uneven tire wear, wobbly turns, excess bounciness, and dipping forwards during braking. You might also notice unusual noises, like clunking or knocking, wherever you go over bumps or make turns. Last but not least, you may notice leaks around the shocks/struts area, indicating that their fluid is no longer sufficient to support your vehicle.


If your car, SUV, or truck feels unstable or you have concerns about your automobile’s suspension system, please bring it to the auto repair specialists at Prospect Lake Auto Care. Our team is committed to diagnosing the problem and helping restore your vehicle’s suspension so that you can drive with confidence.

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