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Porsche Repair in Highlands, BC

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You have bought a high performance luxury car, so when searching online for a Porsche mechanic near me; look no further than Prospect Lake Auto Care. We are a dealership alternative offering top-notch service from our highly trained technicians.

Located in Highlands, BC, we have been servicing our community for years. So when looking for Porsche repair and service, go to someone who is trusted in your community.

We offer repairs and services on all Porsche models as a dealership would, while still keeping your vehicle warranty intact. Call today to inquire about the services we offer.

Porsche Services Available in Highlands, BC

Our attention to detail is like no other, and as your Porsche service center we will keep your luxury vehicle running like it should.

Although a Porsche is a top of the line vehicle, they still require regular scheduled maintenance. Completing scheduled maintenance at Prospect Lake Auto Care can help keep your vehicle on the road longer, while saving you money on costly repairs down the road.

Choose Prospect Lake Auto Care for Your Next Porsche Service Appointment in Highlands, BC

Call today to book your Porsche repair and/or service!

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